Tai Chi Center of Cleveland

Huang Tzeng Yu
Zhu Chun Xuan

“You need both the movement and the philosophy to benefit. The students who really understand the philosophy and benefits of tai chi stay with it and continue to practice.”

Words of Wisdom from Master Huang

Life in America today is not easy. Many people eat and sleep in a hurry. Many people exercise, but are not really in good health. How do we solve this problem? I think Tai Chi is the best way. Tai Chi can improve our health, and help us calm-down and relax. That is why we made this organization. Our goals are:

  1. Promote health and longevity in our community.
  2. Develop teachers, and
  3. Participate of the benefits of Tai Chi.

If anyone is interested, we welcome you to join us!

I have been studying and practicing since July of 1981 to present. I studied Tai Chi Chuan from 1983 until Oct. 2002 with the well known Beijing/Taiwan Wu style Master Huang Tzengyu in Cleveland, Ohio.

In the last 12 years to present I study and teach in Beijing with famous Yang style Master Zhu Chun Xuan. I am officially a 5th generation Old Wu style teacher and officially a 7th generation Yang style student and teacher.

I started to teach in 1994 at Lakeland Community College as well as at the Tai Chi Center of Cleveland. Currently I only teach in Beijing and at the Tai Chi Center of Cleveland, unless privately requested. I have done seminars and lectures in the USA and in Beijing, China at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in April 2016.

With a total of 40+ years of constant study, practice and teaching I have developed a deep understanding of TCC and its related philosophies. With this skill I can help many people, including the handicapped, to understand that their life is in their hands not the Doctors, financiers and even fortune tellers. How? By using Daoist meditation, Eight Best Movements for health (Ba Duan Jin) and Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Ch’uan (Supreme Ultimate) is an ancient Chinese Martial Art form or an art of life based on yin and yang theory which can eliminate stress (by learning how to relax), which will improve ones health, extend ones life span, self defense (using no violence) and improve ones intelligence.

Students will be taught standing meditation, Eight Best Movements for health (Ba Duan Jin), Standing stretching exercises, 4 movement short form and the “Old Wu” style Tai Chi Chuan 108 movement long form. After each practice you will feel as though every cell in your body has been charged with energy with feelings of strength, joy and tranquility.

For those who are seriously searching we can go more in depth study of the Dao’s yin yang philosophy, the subtle movements necessary to reap the inherent health benefits, self defense applications and pushing hands (tui shou).

Meditation and Qi Gong

This class will introduce the theory and practice of these two methods of reducing stress and developing internal harmony. The practice of meditation involves physical and mental relaxation, quieting and calming the mind and body, and finding in the stillness, a renewed sense of well being. The practice of Qi Gong teaches the use of movement as a means of reaching this feeling while increasing and controlling ones internal energy.

Anyone who wants to learn can be taught taiji, the young, the old, the sick and even the handicapped. All can improve themselves and on many different levels depending on ones personal needs, goals or skills.

Master Huang once said:

If one waits until they need taiji, they will find out it may be to late. So don’t wait until tomorrow, next week, next month or next year it is better to start now!

Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon! 

Best regards,

Doug Wolf